About Us

Our mission

Provide Value for Money to our customers who in turn will provide products to their customers that Save Time, Save Trouble and Make Money for the end user, resulting in a “Win Win” relationship”.

Who we are

Only Value for money

OnlyVFM is a privately owned internet marketing domain, a part of the Anchor Publishing International group of Internet Marketing Domains. The owner Glen Gifford established the first of 23 domains in 2006, a not for profit network of traders and service providers who worked together with him in the United Arab Emirates.

Now understanding the enormous opportunity that is growing at an incredible pace globally together with the knowledge and skills gained over those years of learning and applying it for the benefit of family and friends it is time to put it to commercial use.

Organisations who want to tap into the ever growing pool of potential customers will now have the opportunity of maximising the internet to secure business online or for that matter to attract customers who wish to trade offline. By the same token internet users will have the opportunity to find companies advertising whatever it happens to be that they are looking for.

By correctly presenting our fee paying customers to the numerous and ever growing internet population worldwide we will effectively fulfill the Goals of all three parties.

We are optimists. We know that with proactive and pre-emptive Internet Marketing we will be able to bring buyers and sellers together for the common interest of all ALL, SAVING TIME, SAVING TROUBLE, and MAKING MONEY, with the support of well-informed customers and surfers who are well-intentioned — and just plain fed up with doing things the same old way believing that the results will somehow miraculously change. We believe that working together we will all achieve our common goals.

What we value.

Integrity and cooperation between entities and people, treating everyone with respect while working peacefully with one another to reach our Common Goals. We are committed to being your trusted business partners and service providers who VALUE all your responses, praise or critical thinking about our service to your organisation or your customers as well as advice on any positive course of action that needs to be taken.

What we do.

We begin with “the end in mind”; basically this means is we want to be the most successful and competent domain mangers in the industry. The goal itself may sound selfish but we will never achieve this without starting at the beginning with our customer to determine exactly what he wants to achieve and then we work towards delivering that.
We provide the information required by your customers to attract them to your site and make contact with you so that you are then able to convert this contact into a business deal.

Our Worldwide Community

Consists of everyday citizens from all over the globe, they are either looking to buy something specific or find out about something specific as well as offline and online traders who are looking for customers who want to buy what they are selling
With 29,000,000 searches per minute (as at 2010) our community is very large and growing every year, this is the community that we should provide the best possible service to so that they will choose domains which we manage.
To engage effectively with our community we understand that meaningful participation by all players is required to lead the pack so the proactive and pre-emptive provision of reliable information accompanied with critical thought and creative ideas is essential to hold the community..

How you can join us.

Firstly, if you have a domain that is not reaching your desired customers to provide you with sales enquiries or leads to follow up on then please complete the feedback form.
Secondly if you are surfing the web and have come across this information and would like to become involved in Internet Marketing then also please complete the feedback form stating your interest and request further information with specifics relating to what you would like to accomplish.
Finally if you are surfing the web looking for something specific and have not yet found it, do a search in the site search bar to get what you are looking for.